New tech & innovation

Innovating and developing new technology based on sustainability

In IT, new innovations and technology leaps come along at a rate rarely seen in any other fields. This development requires stakeholders in the field to keep themselves constantly updated in order to make sound and sustainable decisions, as innovations can often be double-edged, contributing either to great sustainability gains or major sustainability losses. Including the sustainability aspect when evaluating, for example, streamed vs. locally stored data or blockchain vs. database is thus usually a win-win.

Good questions to ask oneself

  • Do you use technology and innovation to proactively reduce, for example, your climate footprint or energy consumption?
  • Do you include the sustainability aspect when making decisions on the implementation of new technologies in your company, such as AI and blockchain (which require major sets of data or computing capacity)?
  • Do you contribute with innovation and new technology in order to create sustainable IT?

Artiklar & rapporter om ny teknik & innovation

The carbon impact of artificial intelligence

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Sustainable AI: AI for sustainability and the sustainability of AI

Vetenskaplig artikel
van Wynsberghe, A. AI Ethics 1, 213–218 (2021)