Communication, meetings, and social interaction

How do you communicate with each other in the workplace? How do you communicate externally? And how does your choice of communication channels affect the level of environment-changing emissions? It’s easy to forget that our communication methods and channels have direct impact on the environment and that, sometimes, there’s a direct clash of interests when it comes to what is socially sustainable and what is ecologically sustainable. 

In this section, we gather information that can influence, among other things, how you purge your e-mail, how long you store your chat logs, and how you treat the “answer all” button. 

Good questions to ask oneself

  • Do you keep track of how long chats / information sent are stored and if backups are made?
  • Do you have policies for communication, such as e-mail and sharing? (attachments, storing/purging e-mails, cc, bcc, uploads, and sharing)
  • Have you analysed the environmental impact of your digital marketing?

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