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Inspirational lecture

Our inspirational lecture can be seen as a kick-start for the sustainability efforts within the IT sector. The objective of the lecture is to provide a scientific background on why this area needs to be highlighted and inspire you on how to initiate the transformation towards a more sustainable IT organization. The lecture is aimed at boards of directors, IT management, and sustainability teams.

Price: 10 000 SEK excl. of VAT

Sustainability assessment - Full day workshop

Conduct an evaluation to ascertain your current position! Our CIOCO2 analysis has been developed to establish a foundational understanding of your company's sustainability efforts in IT, with a focus on environmental impact. Together with your team, we will assess your operations based on several critical areas and perspectives. We anticipate the involvement of key stakeholders such as the CIO, sustainability manager, IT operations manager, and infrastructure manager.

Price: Offer will be provided upon request.

Sustainable project manager - Workshop

Are you an IT project manager? Then this workshop is designed for you if you want to contribute to and/or build sustainable IT organizations. This workshop highlights the environmental aspect of sustainability within the IT field. Upon completion of the workshop, you will acquire tools on how as a project manager, you can integrate sustainability into your everyday work and help the organizations you encounter become more sustainable.

Price: Offer will be provided upon request.

Sustainable developer - Workshop

This workshop is designed for those working in system and software development who want to enhance their ability to make sustainable decisions regarding technology and architecture. Throughout this workshop, you will learn how to incorporate sustainability into your daily routines and contribute to sustainable solutions and processes.

Price: Offer will be provided upon request.

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